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Don’t worry if you lack advanced computer skills.  Much of this can be remedied by taking a little time each week to do some self-study.

Don’t worry if you lack advanced computer skills.  Much of this can be remedied by taking a little time each week to do some self-study.  In this guide, you will learn what computer skills are needed to serve your small business customers.

If it works, break it

You can do something as simple as getting a not-for-sale (NFR) copy of a product you want to sell, install and support and then working with the product in your lab.  When you or one of your lead technicians or engineers has half an hour to an hour, you can go through the basic installations.  Then, deliberately dismantle the lab installations.  Next, reinstall the software until you are more comfortable with the package.

Most of these products that you will install for small businesses are very advanced technologies.  They are very wizard driven, and at least for a simple vanilla configuration, they do not require a high level of computer skills.

Installations are now easy.

Years ago, it was more difficult to install Novell Small Business Suite or the equivalent of IBM, or the original 1997 Microsoft Small Business Server.  But all these companies, especially Microsoft, spend a lot of money on making their small business server application suites easy to install for those who do not have IT background and high networking computer skills.

Depending on your technical computer skills to serve Sweet Spot clients, your staff needs to:

Master good robust PC hardware.

Be able to handle peer to peer setup.

Understand what TCP / IP is.

Learn what POP3 and SMTP are.

Learn how to work with basic SOHO routers.

If your staff has the above skills, then you are definitely a good starting point to    start with at least a small sweet spot small business (10-20 PCs).

Share knowledge with your employees.

Make certain your group of workers individuals cross-train every different and you. That way, no one is “conscious” enough to blackmail you, get you huge increases or huge bonuses, or get away from your client base.

Bottom line about computer skills

In this article you have learned about what computer technical skills are required to serve your Sweet Spot clients.

This has happened to most of us.  We lost a document or folder because there was no computer backup.

Whether you lost some lines due to a power outage that you were typing or your entire system crashed, computer backup is the only way to prevent such accidents from destroying your files.

Computer backups can be basic or sophisticated, expensive or simply the cost of your average floppy disk. Depending on your wants and the significance of your files, you will want a laptop backup machine that displays your price range and your lifestyle.

Many pc customers decide upon to hold it easy and returned up their facts with a floppy disk or by using copying and pasting documents. This is the most fundamental shape of pc backup, however it is no longer best for everyone.

Floppy disks often run out, and you can keep files on floppy disks for years that can’t be saved if stored on older disks.

On the other hand, if you use your files too much, your floppy disk may run out, which creates another problem for your floppy disk storage.  If you save your document somewhere else on your computer, it may not be able to avoid a complete computer crash, although the slightest inconvenience should not interfere with your files.

Due to issues with viruses, computer crashes are becoming more frequent for many PC users, and because of this, computer backup software is the best option for many users.

There are many files that are worth the time and investment in getting good computer backup software.

Examples of such files are:

Bank records

Personal documents

Digital images

Address book

Software downloads

Special plans

The best computer backup software not only automatically makes a copy of your documents, but also uses encryption algorithms to protect your information from unauthorized access and spyware.  Your filename will also be encrypted to prevent intrusions.  Most computer backup software is quite user friendly, and new files can be added instantly with the click of a mouse.

In addition to the many great features, most computer backup software will enable you to:

Create new backup programs

Select files and folders for backup.

Specify compression settings.

Select the backup target.

Store backup information in different locations.

The best computer backup programs aren’t strict, but give the user the flexibility to choose where and how their files will be saved.  You can choose to copy everything automatically, or specify which files you want to back up.

If you have a large amount of content to store, you can choose compression settings, which will reduce the size of your documents and enable you to store more information.  You can also choose where you want to store your backup information, and you can automatically place the data in different locations, for example, your hard drive, USB stick, network In folder, CD, DVD and remote FTP server.  You can also create backup communications simultaneously between the remote FTP server and the local storage devices.

Your computer’s backup software should provide a simple user interface, the option to store your data in multiple versions, and the ability to restore your files to their original folders.

Computers have vast history, if you want to dug more about computers and want to perform on your computers then you can hire an expert from the writing planet.



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