Personalize Your Waffle Cone Sleeves with Matchless Printing Technology

Procure Custom Boxes has been providing top-notch waffle cone sleeves to challenge traditional standards and introduce modern and trendy sleeves. We provide the sturdiest cardstock paper for custom cone sleeves. All around the United States, the best materials with innovative new features are offered at competitive costs. We bring the best custom printed ice cream cone sleeves concepts that transform the cone into a reliable ice absorber that prevents your hands from getting sticky. Fantastic designs in fully customizable stock are available. Any design for special custom printed ice cream cone sleeves may be translated into enticing hues and visuals by our company. Together, we will create your perfect designs, and we will make sure to make adjustments that serve your needs. Simply get a free quotation, and if you buy big quantities, we’ll give you a discount.


The best printing methods are available right here. The feedback we receive from our committed customers on the printing process is always remarkable and inspiring. In order to keep creating waffle cone sleeves with the same passion and dedication, we are hoping to steadily advance. The ice cream cone jacket may now be customized to our exact specifications. Now let’s talk about printing techniques.

Designs for Shiny Coatings

Our glossy coating style is the most efficient way to advertise ice cream cones. The customer’s eye contact will interact with the shine of custom printed ice cream cone sleeves to determine which round will come next. Shiny Coatings will lend an air of sophistication to the presentation of ice cream cones in their packaging. Because of this, a customer would immediately place an order for the glittering pattern.


Order wholesale ice cream wrappers for your products to get access to our state-of-the-art printing technology for the greatest waffle cone sleeves. We supply double-handled cardboard cone sleeves for both children and adults. Changing ice cream will be easy thanks to the technique.


Offset printing

Offset printing is the best printing technique for your items. Considering that we provide a wide range of gorgeous tones, our clients are free to select the colors themselves. For instance, we provide a variety of hues and colors. We have two amazing wholesale ice cream cone sleeves with custom printing to offer. One employs CMYK (which makes amazing multiple coloring effects). Our secondary key is PMS. Since there are several contemporary ways and approaches for selecting the hue and coloring for your things, we provide PMS. Not just for the ice cream waffle cone sleeves, but also for our other products like the custom boxes.



After printing, custom ice cream cone sleeves move onto the honing phase. After that, the waffle cone sleeves take on the shape that the clients had requested. We eventually do this operation automatically to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, but we also provide manual procedures to expedite the process for the best cuts.


We may modify the cone packaging so that youngsters can easily take the ice cream and pleasantly eat or lick it thanks to the great paper luxury style two handles. For people with impairments, we also provide adjustable cone sleeve handles. Die-cut fabrication allows for the modification of the flaps to account for a person’s handicap. People will find it simpler to love consuming cones in this manner as a result.


Speedy turnaround

We provide our services in a variety of packaging with amazing response times. You have the choice to request that any necessary adjustments be made within the next ten business days. We value the importance of time, therefore, we offer quick turnaround time to facilitate our clients in their struggle to be a brand in the U.S. market.

Physical and 3D Samples

The waffle cone paper sleeves may be viewed in the flat in a 2D display mode. This will provide the customer with a preview of what your items will look like when they arrive. The custom cone sleeves for ice cream and waffles will have measurements and angles provided by the 3D inspection view of the 3D mockup. This is the second technique for improving three-dimensional vision. Actual Sample: The third and greatest method of showing a product to a customer is physical sampling. While conducting physical sampling, we ship the products to the audience’s home address. We start producing the items after we have the customer’s permission.



 We are among the best custom box and cone sleeve companies in the United States because we offer our customers the very best products possible and take their every requirement and suggestion into consideration. You may take advantage of this opportunity by buying a sample of 100 custom cone sleeves from our team of experts before placing an official order. They make the best Custom cone sleeves in the region. Please feel free to visit our contact page and make a request for a custom quote.

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